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Clueless in Florence, because you don't know which bars are tourist traps? After coming home, you realise you've missed a spectacular market in Gdańsk? You find yourself standing in a castle in France's Loire valley, at a loss as to what's depicted in the tapestries? Because you have some specific interests you want to delve deeper into Jewish daily life in Berlin? Or you're an Art history buff not happy with what regular guide-books have to say about Vienna's museums? Maybe you'd like to combine your trip to London with a visit to some spectacular gardens outside the city? Did you really do enough sightseeing on your last trip to Barcelona? Experience cities through tour guides and organised tours – CityGuide Sightseeing Tours connects travelers with tour guides.

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No matter where you are in the world, get to know amazing and interesting tour guides everytime. I have put together this website in tribute to their work. The guides can help in this way to ensure your trip is unforgettable. Their local knowledge and experience garantees you immediate access to the must-see sights.They organise exciting tours and when necessary even transport to faraway destinations. You'll be the first to know which monument is off limits due to renovation. Only a guide with a profound knowledge of History or in-depth education and training in Art can turn a visit to a museum or church or even crossing the street into a unique experience. Qualified tour guides have even been known to breeze past long queues and use their extensive command of foreign languages to offer invaluable aid in coming to terms with everyday life of a foreign city and culture.

Cityguide-Tour.com is (the FIRST and biggest in Germany) website dedicated to allocating tour-guides, excursionsand tours worldwide. Find and contact guides free of charge no matter what the occasion: for extended tours, city tours, walking tours anywhere in the world. Whether you're a tourist planning a holiday, travel agent or just want to check out the sights, our online forum is a must.

Translated from German: John Kennedy.

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